About Me

Hello and Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Kathy Sanders and I am on a journey to lose 50 pounds. I am writing this blog to keep myself accountable and I hope that along the way someone else will read this blog and decide to join this journey with me.

I am originally a buckeye, also known as a useless nut, born and raised in Loveland, Ohio. I met the love of my life online actually, on Match.com in 2000 and moved to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky  and have called this home ever since.

My husband’s name is Chris, but I call him Tater… we weren’t able to have children but we have Roscoe (a.k.a. Tater Tot), our 5 year old Papillion. Completing our home is my mom, Wanda. Incase your wondering, Tater likes to call me BBB, which is Beautiful Butternut Baby… so yeah, I guess you could say we have food on our brains!

26 Things About me…

  1. I hate cilantro.
  2. I love the Cincinnati Bengals.
  3. I played softball for 8 years growing up.
  4. I was the first baseman.
  5. I love zombies… well not zombies really, but movies, books and televisions shows about zombies.
  6. I have a backyard garden.
  7. I can food in the summer.
  8. I also like to make jelly and jams.
  9. I love to cook, but that wasn’t always the case.
  10. I love that my mom lives with us and doesn’t mind doing the dishes and the laundry!!!
  11. I suffer from chronic pain– long story.
  12. I am a prepper, at least to a small degree.
  13. I have a CCDW license.
  14. I own 7 guns and love to target shoot for fun.
  15. I hate red sauce, such as tomato sauce. Strange childhood trauma involving tomatoes…
  16. I currently wear contact lenses and have for 35 years.
  17. I love the spring and summer months.
  18. I walk my dog, every day, weather permitting.
  19. I love to write.
  20. I first went to college as an adult and graduated when I was 38.
  21. I loved going to school.
  22. I wanted to major in English but chose Business Administration because that seemed like a smarter choice for career options.
  23. I have never used my degree to get a job or make more money.
  24. I am a sinner.
  25. I have been forgiven by the blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  26. I love butternut squash and taters…