Caring for a loved one

6 rules for a healthy heart

Hello Friends: Sorry I have been absent for a while, I have been busy taking care of my 80 year old mom.

She had a heart attach in May this year, and that was followed by emergency triple by-pass surgery.

Long story short she was doing well and back home with us in early June. Unfortunately her health took a turn for the worse in late September. We are still trying to find out what is going on but she has been in a steady decline, physically and mentally for a few months now. I have taken her to countless doctors and so far we have no answers.

On Black Friday we took her for an MRI on her brain and are hoping this will give us some answers. Her primary care Dr. seems to think that she has suffered a stroke and/or developed Parkinson’s disease.

So that is where I have been spending my time and my worry these last few months, not much time to try new recipes but I do have a few that I will share soon. A favorite that I have been making for my mom is Creamy Chicken Soup adapted from a recipe I saw on So good and only 6 Smartpoints for a filling 1 cup serving.

Take Care Friends, I would love to talk to others that are weight watchers, dieters and/or caregivers.


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