New Year, New You, New 2017 Weight Watchers Plan

new year new you 2017

As we leave 2016 behind and reflect on the past year many of us are making new resolutions for 20`7… it’s a tradition that I have lived for more years than I can remember… and every year I really and truly mean it.

I am going to lose weight.

I am going to get in shape.

This is my year.

And sometimes I would even make my goal, lose the weight, stick to the exercise program, and life was good.

But then…

Life would get in my way,¬† I would get bored, tired, hurt, lazy, etc…

So, as I sit here planning my goals for 2017 and looking back on previous years I ask myself, “What will make this time different?”

The answer is, corny, clich√© and oh so true… making it a life style, being persistent and never ever quitting. That’s it my friends, that’s my answer. Make this a life style, make this a way of life, track every single bite, and never ever stop working the plan like my life depends on it… because really, the quality of it does.


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