The Struggle is Real but does it have to be?

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I am sitting here drinking my coffee and it occurred to me that we are 2 weeks into the new year. I wonder how many people are still working on their 2017 goals.

Have you stayed the course with your weight loss plan for the new year?

I started my journey last March, and like most others, I fell off the weight loss wagon over the holidays. I was diligent with tracking even though I had a few days where I was in negative points for the week. But, you know what? That’s ok… Yep! Read that again… That’s OKAY!

This is life!

This is NOT a diet!

This is forever!

That last one is what I really struggle with. I am going to have to watch what I eat for the rest of my life! I am never ever going to be someone that can eat whatever they want and not gain weight.

Is it fair? Nope!!! But it is my truth!

Now that I have accepted that as fact, I feel empowered. I need to learn to love this lifestyle, this way of eating and myself. Because this is it! This is what my life is and will always be in regards to food and my weight.

So, if your with me in this, and your having trouble accepting your fate as a life long weight watcher. Know that your not alone. Know that I’m with you as are so many others. Know that we can do this and it doesn’t have to feel like torture or a punishment.

Arm yourself with the tools you need to get to where you want to be. Make a plan and follow it. Make time for yourself. Move more. Eat more vegetables. Track, track and track!

If you need inspirations look on “Connect” on the Weight Watchers app where you will find some incredible storys from people in all shapes, sizes and walks of life.

But most of all, love yourself because YOUR WORTH IT!

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