What Has The Scale Made You Do?

The title of my blog comes from a conversation I had with a friend one day. We were have a nice meal, just a girls diner and complaining about our weight loss efforts… we were both going to order a healthy option from the menu when we convinced each other to say the heck with it lets get something good and fattening.
So for the rest of the meal we kept saying the devil made us do it.
Later that night, when I was home and feeling miserable, guilty and overly stuffed I made a decision to get serious about my weight.
I decided it was time to stop doing the same old-same old and to really figure this whole weight loss thing out.
The next morning when I stepped on the scale I was so miserable and in my mind I was thinking yep… The devil made me do it, but the scale is making me do something about this!

Why do we spend so much of our lives letting the scale dictate our feelings?

Why does one number mean so much?

There are so many other things we should base our mood and happiness on, and honestly, the scale is not one of them. How about low blood pressure, low cholesterol, low BMI, are you getting the picture?

I’m the first to admit, I give the scale too much power in my life and it’s time to change that mindset.

I am working on writing my goals for 2017 and I think I will include health goals that do not revolve around the number on the scale, but instead are based on the number of my BP, cholesterol, pants size and BMI.

Anyone with me?

Have you made weight loss or heath goals without listing a number to see on the scale?

What has the scale made you do?



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